The machine factory, which has a long history, has decades of experience in the line of outstanding suppliers of large foreign and Hungarian companies.
Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers to the maximum by producing reliable quality steel structures.

Robot welding

CLOOS ROMAT 410 1 pc

  • Robotic arm working range and number of axes: 4020mm, 6 pcs
  • Turntable load capacity, number of axles: 1000Kg, 2pcs
  • Workpiece max. size: 2000x2000x1000mm

CLOOS ROMAT 350 2 pc

  • Robotic arm working range, number of axes: 3500mm, 6 pcs
  • Robotic track length: 6000mm
  • Turntable load capacity, number of axles: 1000Kg, 2pcs
  • Max workpiece size: 2000x2000x1000mm

Consumable shielded arc welding

There are a total of 50 manual welding workplaces in the area of three operating units, of which 20 are equipped with rotators.

EWM welding machines are available at all welding workstations.

The following four types are used:

  • – EWM Taurus 451 Synergic S MM FDW
  • – Phoenix 351 Progress pulse MM FDW
  • – Phoenix 401 Progress pulse MM FDW
  • – Phoenix 451 Progress pulse MM FDW

Self-designed rotating equipment.

  • Rotator sizes:

  • Their load capacity:
    1000 – 1500 kg
  • Rotator features:
    Six types of adapters that can accommodate 60% of the products.